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Make a change and breakaway


Ilaria, Italian, 16 years-older, pretending to be a student.

At the moment she is in love with football, like real in love. She has a favourite team which is Inter (it is impossible not to love Inter when you were born in a Milan-is-the-best-team-ever kind of family, isn’t it?), but she also love Manchester United (which is really the best team ever) and Parma FC (umh, do you know Alberto Paloschi? No? Shame on you!). Someone says she loves Milan, but that’s so not true, she swears, even if she could have a thing for Pippo Inzaghi and Pato, but –ehi!- who doesn’t?

Actually, she loves sport and that’s it. Tennis, basketball, swimming and figure skating are the favourite, but every sport is okay, when she has to find something to avoid studying.

She likes reading and writing. Don’t ask her what book she likes the most, she doesn’t know, ’cause they’re too much. In a fanfiction she likes finding a good characterization, just like everyone, and, well, if there’s a bit of slash, she won’t complain.

She attends Liceo Classico and sometimes even understands why she chose this school (umh, not very often, but still).

At the moment she’s completely fond of Supernatural. Castiel, Castiel, Castiel. And, yeah, Dean/Castiel rules.

She’s easy to fall in love, but now she has this big crush on Alberto Paloschi who is the best player the world’s ever seen (or at least he will be!).

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